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“Everyone has the right to water”

The Institute initiates a new partnership with Join For Water


The Institute is happy to share that it has initiated a new partnership with Join For Water.

Join For Water is a NGO operating in nine countries starting from the principle that “everyone has the right to water, human beings and nature alike”. Having placed the protection of freshwater ecosystems at the heart of everything they do, Join For Water works to protect precious natural areas and improve access to, and the management of, drinking water and sanitation. Collaborating with partners in the field as well as local authorities and communities, they notably develop sustainable and water-efficient farming techniques, promoting conscious consumption and always aiming for a good balance between human needs and nature conservation.

The project supported by Candriam is situated in the Mayo-Chinchipe River Basin, located in Ecuador and Peru. Deforestation, mineral mining and extreme weather conditions all put a pressure on valuable freshwater ecosystems and water sources. As a result, more than 260km2 of forest was lost in the past twenty years and access to safe drinking water is challenged, affecting the poorest communities.

The action plan set up for this project focuses on protecting water resources, improving agricultural production, and restoring access to drinking water.

The main benefit expected from this project is an improvement of living conditions for the communities living along the Mayo-Chinchipe River thanks to modernised drinking water infrastructure. In addition, carbon sequestration thanks to ecosystem protection and restoration should contribute to GHG emission reduction, strengthening the people and environment’s resilience against impacts of climate extremes.

Climate change, pollution, rising consumption… Freshwater supplies are under pressure worldwide. The donation of the Candriam Institute for Sustainable Development will make a difference to people and nature alike, today and tomorrow
Bart Dewaele General Director, Join For Water
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