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Education is a powerful tool for promoting diversity and inclusion


Candriam recognises the importance of supporting a diverse workforce and inclusive environment. We believe that through an adequate internal recruitment process, we strive to look beyond traditional education and background profiles in order to bring new voices and representation into the firm, recognising that this approach will make us stronger as an organisation. So, in order to ensure a well-rounded pool of candidates for the future—which is vital for the future of our workforce and economy—diverse populations must have equal access to higher education.

One way to achieve this objective is by supporting scholarship programmes that provide opportunities for those who otherwise may not have access to university and post-graduate studies.

Scholarships are one of the most effective and practical ways of achieving diversity in higher education because they can open doors for underrepresented populations (including for instance students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, or people with disabilities or women for certain financial curricula), providing them with the resources needed to succeed and thrive.

Candriam is leveraging its longstanding relationships with some of Europe’s top universities to establish several new scholarships with diversity and inclusion being front of mind.

Beginning in the autumn of 2023, Candriam has extended its existing partnership with three scholarships

  • At KEDGE Business School for those with mobility disabilities.
    Since 2015, KEDGE has had policies in place to support disabled students across its campuses in France, whether it’s providing special equipment or handicapped access, that ensure these students are fully integrated into university life. Candriam has worked with KEDGE for several years on ESG-related research initiatives, including creating a Chair dedicated to sustainable finance.
  • At Imperial College London, Candriam is also underwriting a Master’s degree scholarship for women in finance, covering the university year 2024/25. A recent report[1] shows that over the last 25 years, the number of women in finance has dropped, suggesting that it’s important to bring more young women into the finance sector.
  • At UCLouvain, where Candriam has been the official partner of the Chair in regenerative and circular economy, we have established a financial scholarship for women from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    Through this support, Candriam participates in helping students’ needs; Eurostudent study indicates that on average 25% of European students experience (very) serious difficulties and 28% experience medium difficulties when it comes to their financial situation[2].
We value the engagement we have with these institutions, and there is a strong level of trust in our partnerships, so it made sense for us to work with them on these new scholarship initiatives.
Moïra Yoka CSR Officer, Candriam

Those actions are complementary to the mentoring programs for disadvantaged youth that Candriam set up with Article 1 in France and Boost in Belgium with the support of Candriam employees.


[1] More women working in finance in 1997 than in 2022, figures show | The Independent
[2] Eurostudent Database

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