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CANDRIAM, partner of the Chair
“Measurement in Economics,
Nowcasting – Beyond GDP"


Candriam, partner of the Chair “Measurement in Economics, Nowcasting – Beyond GDP” of the Paris School of Economics (PSE)

Candriam is proud to be one of the partners of the new chair “Measurement in Economics, Nowcasting – Beyond GDP” of the Paris School of Economics (PSE). It aims to contribute to the progress of methods in economic statistics, by promoting the use of new sources and the development of very short-term forecasting tools (Nowcasting), and by pursuing the discussions initiated since the Stiglitz commission and its avenues for reinforcement between statistics and well-being (Beyond GDP). In these two components, the aim is to better meet the expectations of private and public decision-makers.

This scientific programme will be based on 3 pillars:

  • Improving measurement and very short-term forecasting
  • Measuring around and beyond GDP
  • Using a faster indicator measurement around and beyond GDP

This chair will focus its activities around scientific and major public events, invitations to researchers, financing of doctoral and post-doctoral grants and professional training programmes. This Chair will also develop scientific collaboration and draw on various expertise. Accordingly, it will engage in collaboration with the OECD within the framework of its programmes WISE (Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity) and Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG).

David Czupryna, Head of ESG Development says: "We are witnessing a growing awareness of the inadequacy of measuring economic growth as an indicator measuring nations’ success. Our economic model entirely focused on the maximisation of GDP, i.e. the flow of commercial goods and services produced each year in a country, is failing to incorporate the now essential environmental aspects. By supporting this new chair, Candriam intends to support the development of new indicators, new methods in order to better understand over time the stock of intangible goods as well as goods and activities currently excluded from the sphere of GDP but contributing to nations’ “wealth”. ”

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