The Candriam Institute
for Sustainable Development

We combine Responsible Investing with philanthropy in our work with communities to help build a society which leaves no one behind.

Sustainable and responsible investing has been at the heart of Candriam for 25 years. However our efforts towards achieving an inclusive and sustainable society don't stop at our investments. Through the Candriam Institute for Sustainable Development we seek to effect meaningful social change, deliver a positive environmental impact and ultimately play our part in leaving a better world for future generations.
Naïm Abou-Jaoudé CEO, Candriam

Our "Dual-Impact" approach

Creating positive change

We play our part in Sustainable Finance by integrating ESG analysis across our full range of traditional strategies and by offering a flagship range of Sustainable and thematic products that seek to deliver both financial and purpose driven outcomes. Our responsible approach to investing leads naturally to our philanthropic efforts.

Our actions are guided by four themes:

Key figures

Our drivers
for the Institute

ESG education and research

Constant enrichment of training courses and opening up to additional countries and people

Support for high-quality academic research that drives innovation

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Social inclusion and community

Continue to support organisations working in the long term to fight against poverty and exclusion

Support young people, take on more pro bono initiatives

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Protect the environment

For the climate, back international projects that respond to climate issues

For a circular economy, take action to change behaviour

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Fight against Cancer

Increase contribution to research and innovation

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